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How to Buy a Good and Cheap Folding Bike


A folding bike is one of the finest examples of the modern technology. If you don’t have enough space in your house to park a car but want to avail a medium for easy communication, the folding bikes are the best option for you. Before you buy a folding bike, you must look at some particular features of it. reviews various folding bikes available in the market. Here is the list of the things that you must check out before buying a folding bike

Easy to Fold

The first thing on which you must concentrate is to check the ease to fold the bikes. Different types of bikes come with different configurations. The latching machines and hinges play the biggest role to make it easy to fold. While some bikes can be carried off without any case, in the case of some others, you would require a case to carry the bikes. Before investing your money in buying a bike, you can check the videos that are available on the web to get a clear idea that how much time you would require to fold the bike.


Easiness of carrying

Next thing that matters much in a folding bike is the easiness to carry it. You must check that how small the size of the bike become once it is folded. Consider the overall weight, height, width and thickness of the bike. You must take care of whether the chain of the bike is covered or exposed after it has got folded. Exposed chain can become problematic as it may stain the clothes. That’s why it will be a better option to select the covered one as a covering reduces the possibility of staining.

Material of the bike

Checking the material of the bike is quite important to make it easier to carry. The weight of the bikes depends on the material of it. Sometimes, the cheaper bikes are made of steel which makes those heavier. You must take the ones which are made of lightweight aluminum so that it becomes easy to carry.

Ride Quality

Generally, it is said that the folding bikes do not provide the comfort like the non-folding ones. Most of the folding bikes consist wheels of 20-inch, unlike the 26-inch or 28-inch wheels. The small wheels create problem to cross over potholes or bumps and there is a possibility that you may get stuck with them. Moreover, you would need more time to cover a certain distance than that you would require covering on a standard bicycle. You can go for the bikes with shock absorbers to make a solution of this problem.


The level of adjustment offered for seat and handlebar height plays a great role in the folding bikes. Before you buy a bike for it is not only important to check whether the seat and handlebar are placed on a comfortable height rather the distance between the two also has to be suitable. Checking the feature is quite important especially for tall riders. Hence, it will be a better option to buy those ones which can be adjusted by the rider himself.